Invitation for the SPOT – the 10th meeting with larps

On 05-07.04.2019 we invite you to join SPOT – the 10th meeting with larps which takes place in Przywidz near Gdańsk. SPOT is a convention where we play games like larps, jeepforms and RPGs. During the SPOT you can experience variety of conventions and settings such as fantasy, cyberpunk, postapo, transhumanism, science fiction, steampunk, modern times, parallel universes and many others. Also the SPOT hosts games in all possible types and genres like chamber, outdoor, parlor larps, jeepforms and freeforms, ASG and RPG sessions. However the priority are larps.


The SPOT is a festival that doesn’t go on only indoor – many games are carried on outdoors mostly in beatifull forest. Moreover, the SPOT holds the contest for the best game (larp/jeepform/freeform) which is carried on during this convention. This is the sixth time, we hold this contest and probably the first one in Poland that rewards the best of jeepforms and freeforms.


We encourage you to come and participate in SPOT, we are also looking forward to know your games. Majority of players speaks fluently in English, so there won’t be any problems with communication and carrying on games in English.

The Organizers of SPOT 2019 are members of Klub Fantastyki “Zardzewiały Topór”